Last year at the Google Developers Conference, the Wave was launched with much fanfare and raving reviews. Those not lucky enough to be at the launch were dazzled by an hour and a half long video.

But today Google waved good bye to this most excellent of tools, blaming lack of user adoption.

I saw the aforementioned video which got me all tingly with excitement. When I received an invite to join the early beta, I donned by virtual wet suit and headed over to FireFox to surf the Wave.

But the Wave was a disappointing ankle buster and my high came crashing down immediately. What a bummer of an experience. But as with all things Google, I figure it will improve and I will give it another try at another time. Never did. And now its bye bye Wave.

Or is it?

According to Urs Holzle, Senior Vice President, Operations, some of the innovations from Wave are open sourced and can be used by customer and partners in their own projects. That is something to do the wave about.