Research in Motion Alliance Tour

Went to the Research in Motion Alliance Tour yesterday at the Canada High Commission in London.  RIM and CHC London hosted the event to showcase some of RIM’s partners to the mobile and wireless community in the UK.

There were some interesting products, but the demo from Unify4Life was downright amazing.  They have developed a series of products that would allow you to control variety of home appliances with your BlackBerry.  For example, you can use your BlackBerry to change TV channels, get TV guide on BlackBerry, change music on iPod or other stereo systems.  Control your garage door and your home lightning system, heating and air conditioning equipment.  The list goes on.

Future plans include developing these products for other mobile devices, such as iPhone and Windows PDAs


5th Annual West Midlands ICT Cluster Conference


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  1. Rayhan

    Interesting – just means you no longer have to get out the chair.

    Does it help you locate the blackberry by whistling or clapping when you’ve lost it somewhere in the house like down the side of the armchair or under the pile of papers on the table just like the remote control for the t.v………


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