Summit had several intensive discussion sessions throughout the day.  Discussions were generally arranged around investment, technology, international market sand education.

Investment panels were around the topic of raising funds for start-up ventures and how to engage carriers (financially and as partners) with your company.  Focus of the discussions took into account the current investment and economic conditions.  While it is relatively easier to raise money during boom times, but money is still available during the economic downturn.  Venture capitalist work harder to find the right company during this times and work even harder to make those companies successful.

Education forums were moderated by Nokia University Relations group.  They showcased several projects at the University of British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University.  Nokia is actively involved in several universities globally, encouraging innovative idea development by professors, research teams and students.

Discussion about technical and business challenges facing start-up companies was moderated by Brian Roberts (Vice President of Business Development, Wavefront).  Steve Morley (Former VP Technology, Qualcomm) again stressed the importance of keeping things simple and focus on the customer not the technology.

Stephen King talked about Mob4Hire and how the crowed sourced testing is not only feasible but affordable, giving better results than just testing on few handsets.

All in all, the theme of the conference was that opportunities are still available despite credit crunch, downward trending economy and technical challenges.  Key is to focus on the right things and developing right relationships with the right organizations.