The Year of the Rat. That was 2008, all gone and in the past now.

The Year of the Ox is upon us. In the Chinese zodiac, ox is the sign of prosperity through hard work and resilience. We may have to work harder this year to overcome some of what we lost to the rats last year, but as the Chinese say “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”. So it would be our resilience and persistence, qualities of an ox, which will get us through this year and into prosperity.

I hadn’t intended to have a Chinese theme for this post, but as it appears that I have, I will throw in one more wisdom from the land of dragons.  Wēijī, the symbol of crises in Chinese. While there is controversy on how one interprets this symbol, there seems to be a wide acceptance that the first part of the symbol represents danger, while the second can be loosely interpreted to mean opportunity. Hence it seems that while there is danger in any crises, there are always opportunities. So are their opportunities in the current economic crises? I sure hope so. Happy New Year.