Garlick is suppose to keep the evil away, yet there I was at Arik Sternberg’s Online Business Optimization group, listening to Bob Garlick present his social media marketing strategies.

Bob, an accomplished marketer and strategist, stressed the importance of content as a marketing tool.

Clients always ask me how to optimize their website for search engines and what latest Google factors they should consider.  And the answer almost always is good content written for their customers.

Rumours will tell you that Google have somewhere between 120 to 250 factors they look at when ranking a website, but two factors are most important, content and back links.  If you have great, useful content, you will get back links.  Build a resourceful website that is helpful for your target audience, develop content they will find helpful, and even your competitors will link to you.

That is not to say, that you should not pay attention to other factors, like website load time, but if you have to pick one factor to put most of your SEO resources on, that would be content.  Content, with the right keywords and keyphrases, will get you ranked better than you are ranking today.

And when you are considering content, it doesn’t have to be all textual, it can also be images, videos, webinars, tools, templates….anything your target audience will find helpful.

If you want to know what content can do for you, Google Bob Garlick and the first five pages is him.  No, not the first five results on the first page…the first five pages.  Now that’s just pure evil genius.  No wonder, this Garlick wasn’t able to keep me away.

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