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Joined Institute of Business Consulting West Midlands Regional Committee

John Wells invited me to join the Institute of Business Consultants (IBC), West Midlands Region Committee today, which I accepted.  Attended the first meeting and was duly impressed by the dedication of the committee members.  There is a lot of excellent talent in the committee and indeed the overall membership.

Looking forward to working with the IBC members over the coming months.

BC Technology Industry Association

Had a quick lunch and rushed into a meeting with Cindy Pearson (Vice President & COO, BC Technology Industry Association). Cindy gave me a good overview of the technology industry in British Columbia. The industry is very dynamic and growing rapidly.

What’s even more impressive is the support structure around the industry. While there is some public funds available (not nearly as much as is available in the UK), the industry and the association has largely bootstrapped themselves into existence and growth.

I shared with her the technology sector in the West Midlands and the UK and specifically our ICT Cluster. I invited Cindy to visit us on her next trip to the UK and meet some of our industry leaders.

There are opportunities for companies on both sides of the pond to work with each other and form closer relationships.

More Meetings

Started another hectic day with a morning meeting at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Met with Monika Surma (Trade Commissioner at the Department).

Monika provides advice to Canadian new media and software companies who are looking to trade internationally.

Had a fruitful conversation regarding needs of the Canadian companies when looking to export. Discussed the UK and European markets and specifically the Bridge to Growth initiative by Advantage West Midlands.

Monika was impressed with the program and promised to spread the word among her clients and colleagues

Making Waves On All Fronts

Met with Jim Maynard (President, Wavefront) and his executive team for lunch today (thanks for the sushi guys). I initially met Jim in summer 2008 when he and Michael Bidu (Executive Director, WINBC) visited us at the National B2B Centre.

Its impressive that Wavefront has grown by leaps and bounds in the last six months or so. Jim described an array of impressive partnerships he has forged globally, from Europe to Asia. These include acquisition of equipment and testing servers to help mobile start-ups thoroughly stress test their application prior to market launch.

Wavefront also has strong connections with carriers in North America and is looking to develop similar relationships with carriers in Europe and Asia.

And according to Jim and his team, this is just the beginning. They have plans to continue expansion of the organisation and looking to become a first point of contact for any mobile start-up company.

Between Wavefront and WINBC, British Columbia has established a solid foundation to help mobile start-up go from concept to market in relatively short time.

Small Business British Columbia

Met with George Hunter, CEO of Small Business British Columbia (SBBC) this morning. SBBC is a support organisation for small businesses in British Columbia. They provide assistance to individuals who are looking to start a business as well as to establish businesses to help them grow the company.

George has recently joined SBBC to head the organisation. He shared with me his vision for the organisation and where he wants to take it. He has set himself some impressive but achievable goals for the near future.

We discussed possibility of the National B2B Centre in the UK and SBBC working together to share knowledge and help companies in our respective regions.

Looking forward to working with George and SBBC in the future.

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