Month: August 2009

Gap in the social media

Jumping on the bandwagon with both feet firmly in the easy fit jeans, Gap launched a Facebook Born To Fit campaign, driving off-line advertisement (print, tv, billboard, etc) viewers to their Facebook page.

With over 300,000 fans already, Gap would need to quickly learn how to handle the open social media platform.  Most of the comments on the wall are non-controversial and pro-Gap, like how much people love their jeans and what not.  But a comment from Eileen O’Brien:

“Should Gap Cos stop advertising on Fox which produces anti Obama shows like O’Reilly, Hannity and Glenn Beck? If so let them know now!”

How should Gap respond to that, if at all  Maybe the comment won’t get anywhere, but what if it does gets picked up by others and starts to grow into a campaign?  How should Gap respond to that?  Social media is a fun place that could very easily and very quickly turn perilous.

Companies need to have a policy in place on how to deal with these situations.  But I am happy to see Gap and other companies (big or small) embracing the internet and starting a conversation with their customers.

You know the new idea as arrived and matured when old-school wakes up and make the new idea their own.  Time for the youngster to create something else.  So what’s the next New?

80-8 rule

You may have heard of the 80-20 rule, but do you know about the 80-8 rule?  According to Bain & Company, 80% of the companies believe they deliver a “superior experience” to customers. But only 8% of the customers agree.


Do you believe you deliver superior service to your customers AND do your customers agree?  Here’s another question.  Do your competitors’ customers believe they get superior customer service from your competitors?

Seems like an opportunity for you to innovate and improve your service and gain bigger market share?

Is Lite the new heavy?

Speaking of Lite (as in Google Lite), Facebook got into the act and launched the Facebook Lite beta.  Don’t know what it is, but as usual plenty of speculation on the blogsphere.  For sketchy details, screenshot and plenty of debate by commentators, check out mashable.

But that’s not all the news fit to print on Facebook.  They also acquired FriendFeed and launched real time search.  Now even more reasons to glue your Face to the Book.

Sugar for your Caffeine

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I couldn’t figure out the difference between Google Caffeine and Google Regular.  Caffeine been out only a couple of days and there are already tools to compare the two.  Four at last count.

Facesaerch and CompareCaffine are similar in functionality, but I haven’t been able to compare since Caffeine is down for system maintenance.

But both Caffeine and Regular are too rich for my taste.  For now I will stick to Google Lite.

High on Caffeine, making Wave

Revealed by Google of a super secret project they have been working on for a few months, completely overhauling the underlying infrastructure that would change the way Google crawl, index and rank web pages.

Matt Cutts claims the search results will still be very close to what they have been in the past.  But believing it to be a big enough change, Google opened a sandbox for users to try the new architecture.  I did, couldn’t spot the difference.  Then again, I was never good at spotting differences.

Give it a spin and if you get bored, surf on over to the hour and a half video of Wave, that would knock your socks off.

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