Month: July 2009

Beginning of a beautiful relationship?

After months of love/hate tantrums thrown publicly, Microsoft and Yahoo agreed to hold hands, but only when strolling down Advertisement Avenue.

A very non-giddy Bartz and Ballmer invited millions of advertisers to the party. Both mentioned the dreaded G word (yes, that would be Google), but no mention of the M word (Merger).  And neither were seen in the same room, doing what couples newly in love do.  Hmmmm..makes one wonder.  If you are into celebrity snoop, here’s the tabloid.

More importantly, what does this mean to millions of businesses who are obsessed with getting to number 1 in the search engine ranking? Google is still the dominant player, but Bing (Microsoft’s new baby) is increasing its share. Perhaps time to look into optimizing your site for Yahoo/Bing as well.

But is SEO the be all, end all of online marketing? No. SEO is just one component of online marketing. How important that component is would depend on your particular marketing strategy. But don’t overlook social media, email, press release, media release, coupon, etc. They can bring substantial ROI to your marketing $,£, €‚¥, etc.

Local and national government getting hip to social media

Last week UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) released a 20 page document on how government departments should use twitter. I haven’t had a chance to read it, just a quick look. Impressively enough BIS is allowing anyone to download (PDF) and modify the document for their own organisation. Doing what the government should do, openly sharing information.

But while the national government have been using social media for some time, what’s more exciting is that local authorities are getting in the act. I think that’s where the real power is going to be. Ability to provide real time information to local residents. Hats off to innovators in the government, you don’t see it that often. But when you do, we should celebrate it.

And here is an extensive list of twitters in government (most US based).

Other companies capitalise on social media

After watching Dave Carroll’s YouTube video, CaseXtreme, makers of hardened carrying cases for guitars made and released their video, offering a free case to Dave.

Nicely done. Now only if they can make their website a bit more appealing.

Joined Institute of Business Consulting West Midlands Regional Committee

John Wells invited me to join the Institute of Business Consultants (IBC), West Midlands Region Committee today, which I accepted.  Attended the first meeting and was duly impressed by the dedication of the committee members.  There is a lot of excellent talent in the committee and indeed the overall membership.

Looking forward to working with the IBC members over the coming months.

Some companies dont know how to manage social media

Normal “great service” by United Airlines led to a damaged luggage and despite repeated request for compensation, the customer was left holding the bag (read the story).  So after a year of getting nowhere with United, Dave Carroll did what he knows best.  He wrote a song about his experience.  Then he made a video and posted it on YouTube.



Within hours the story got picked by the traditional media. That got United’s attention.  A year after the incident, United agreed to compensate for damage.  While the damaged luggage might be compensated for, United’s reputation has been damaged.  But then again, that reputation, due to lack of customer service, was damaged a long time ago.

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